Wheel Care

Recommended Care and Maintenance of Wheel Products.

As with any automotive products, the level of care and maintenance provided by the owner is the key to its continued service and ability to retain the high appearance values intended for its automotive service life. Please follow these important suggestions and instructions to ensure the continued high grade finish of your Versus Wheels product. Improper maintenance, lack of cleaning or even improper cleaning can and will cause the limited warranty to be voided. These recommendations apply for all normal wheel finishes, including painted and chrome plated.

Regular cleaning is very important, to remove road soils, brake dust, road chemicals and road salts. These materials can trap moisture against the surface finish, causing a corrosive action to begin and causing pitting and determination of the finish. This is true for all surfaces of the wheel and all surfaces front and rear should be thoroughly cleaned. Always use a mild soap and warm water with a soft cloth or brush. Never use any harsh chemical cleaners, especially those offered by most automatic car wash operations.

Always allow the wheels to cool to ambient temperature before starting to clean. Even mild soaps can cause the finish to stain, discolour or shadow if applied to elevated temperatures.

The frequency of cleaning is also very important to the life of the wheel product. For best results the wheel should be cleaned after each detrimental exposure. If this is not reasonably possible, they should be cleaned as soon after and as frequently as possible.

The sustained life of the finish can be directly related to the frequency of the care and maintenance of the wheel product.